How to Care for Linen Towels

How to Care for Linen Towels

Are you wondering why after a time our kitchen towels start to smell musty or as if they did not wash properly? Our kitchen and dish towels are a workhorse in the kitchen and clean up all our messes over and over again and it is normal for them to start smelling unpleasant after some time. But this does not mean it's time to throw them away. Well, unless they are all tatty and not really nice to look at anymore! 

Here are a few tips on how to make your linen towels smelling fresh:

  • Regularly change your kitchen towels and wash them immediately to avoid bacteria growth that result in bad odours. I also recommend that you hang it right away when you're not using it rather than leaving it wet on the counter. 

how to care for kitchen towels


  • Use a natural laundry detergent that does not contain bleach or harsh chemicals. 
  • For tough stains, wash in higher temperature. At this temperature, the smooth flax fibers will release any staining. 
  • I also recommend soaking or washing your linens in vinegar to get rid of the musty odour build up. 


hanging linen tea towels in kitchen


  • Dry your kitchen linens in very low heat. You can remove them while still slightly damp and then line dry. Otherwise, keep them drying in low heat. 

If you maintain your kitchen and dish towels with a lot of care, they will last longer and refresher over time.

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