Sahra Samnani Spring Rebirth and Renewal at Home with Hemsworth Mercantile

Spring Rebirth and Renewal

by Sahra Samnani

Sahra is the founder of, an interior design firm that pursues beautiful living with a holistic approach to creating home. She resides in beautiful Victoria, BC with her partner Alex.


Have patience, the little voice inside me whispers quietly to my churning restlessness. Winter seems to be doing a funny little dance this year where it has been teasing us with signs of early spring. I, like many of us, am impatient for it to come. Not just the spring of the natural world, rather the collective renewal we are all hoping for. A new beginning for what has felt like a long winter. 

Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. We tend to rush toward the energy of it hoping it will bring us a sudden burst of vitality. Often it does, however after the long ‘winter’ that we have had, it may take a bit of gentle inspiration to catalyze this process. We often mistake this time as a space where we must rush forth from our homes and dive into a tirade of action, creation and hurriedness. However, if we look to nature our wisest teacher, spring shows us that this is simply a time of awakening, a gentle stretch of our being to ready ourselves for summer’s action filled days. Start small, if you feel a call to renewal but still have lingering heaviness from Winter, take bite sized actions to help reinvigorate yourself for the coming season.


Hemsworth Mercantile Emre Kimono Robe hanging in bedroom


I have often said that our homes are a representation of our inner world. My home at this time is a quiet reflection of my keenness. Feeling spring in the air, or at least the tease of it, I’ve begun to shift and change our space to reflect this gentle awakening. 

The smallest of my endeavours has been the welcoming of spring florals into my home. Flowers? Is that enough to inspire renewal? You would be surprised. The smallest change in our environment is enough to spark a shift. One action of placing a vase of flowers in a room can lead to a quick tidy, a creative photo, a quiet moment of appreciation, or perhaps the desire to bring in more of the freshness these florals inspire. 

Vitality, rebirth and renewal often need prompts, little catalysts to help launch these energies. Renewal is not about large grand movements. It’s about the gentle sprouting and surfacing of change, inspiration and action. Spring takes a tender approach to rebirth. Step by step, each flower takes its time to slowly rise from the earth present itself to the light. 

The path to harnessing the vitality of spring is not linear, it’s a slow meandering unfolding. Don’t rush, savour your awakening and cherish the gentle vitality that has come to greet you. 


Spring flowers for the kitchen. Sahra Samnani with Hemsworth Mercantile Yara Turkish Towel.


Spring Rituals to inspire Rebirth and Renewal


As mentioned above, we can never under estimate the power of one small gesture to bring a fresh energy into our homes. Daffodils are the symbol of rebirth and renewal, they are the floral representation of sun shining light bursting forth from darkness. Tulips another spring flower represent deep love, joy and confidence, why not bring these revitalizing representations into your space?


One of the best ways for us to connect with the natural unfolding of the season is to partake in the festivities! Planting and watching something grow is the perfect way to connect with the energy of spring. I enjoy grabbing some Daffodil or Tulip starts, planting them in a small pot of soil and placing them in a bright window. As the temperature begins to warm and the days brighten – my little plant friends put on a show, a small scale representation of majesty of all that is happening.

 Spring rebirth and renewal at home with Sahra Samnani and Hemsworth Mercantile.



Spring is fresh, everything is new, bright and blooming. It is a perfect time to bring that sensation into your space. Wash your sheets and all your linens. Give your space a good clean, it’s a bit of effort but it will feel bright. Vacuum dusty corners and under sofas, spray some essential oils mixed with water over soft surfaces for a refresh, air out your space!


Spring rebirth and renewal at home with Sahra Samnani and Hemsworth Mercantile. Washing Turkish towels.

Spring rebirth and renewal at home with Sahra Samnani and Hemsworth Mercantile.



Step out from winter’s introspection and begin to observe the waking of spring. I like to think of this as the season of observation, in winter we turn inwards to reflect and collect. Spring displays a sceptical of growth that is means to be observed, I mean- just look at a flower, its made to be seen.


Colour and texture are revitalizing to the being. They awaken the senses and tell us that it is time for movement and vitality. I enjoy bringing this into my home through textiles, florals, my clothing, little bits of décor etc. Nature decorates with colours and textures- so should you.


adding texture at home using textiles. Spring rebirth and renewal with Sahra Samnani and Hemsworth Mercantile.